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Dr. Mitchell L. Corey

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You can always count on Dr. Corey to make your eye health his main priority because he understands and specializes in how the human eye really works.

Personalized eye treatment

Your insurance may cover a free eye exam. When you’re unsure of the process, our billing and insurance specialist will help you save with benefits you may not know you have

Save with a FREE eye exam

When you want the best optometrist working on your eyes, you can rely on our more than 28 years of experience to correctly diagnose and treat all of your problems. To get your perfect vision back, we'll get you  contact lenses  or glasses.

Expert eye care to protect your vision

If you’re having trouble with your vision, our experienced staff can help treat all of your eye care needs. No matter what your problems are, we can help you solve and treat them.

Knowledgeable eye care

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